listen + learn + teach 


An impact driven cofounder, socially responsible, community centered, strategically minded, seasoned advisor, board director, investor, industrial designer, consultant and CEO.  Often a board member for regenerative agriculture, technology companies, software, AI, fin-tech, insure-tech, venture capital, healthcare innovation, and disruptive for profit, and not for profit, companies with a clear focus on team oriented co-creation, public benefit, impact driven, problem solving, and revenue generation.  Inspiring donations with compassion  and purpose.
Informed by a socially and regeneratively conscious industrial design background, complemented with organic farming, corporate development, innovative technology, go-to-market strategies, within both publicly traded companies, and the start-up/started-up NGO environment.  Knowledgeable in infrastructure technology and consumer electronics, B2B, B2B2C, both data, service, autonomous device, corporate leadership and business development initiatives, with deep experience as a problem solver, who negotiates, recruits, and co-enrolls teams to achieve extraordinary results within complex, challenging, and high growth M&A opportunities, as well as various socially responsible initiatives.
Currently working on a B corp, Inventure LLC, a 501C3, Inventure Institute, Black Mountain Ranch, Dharmashire, and a stealth start up, in the mobile, social impact, health/fin-tech markets.  Listening to nature.  Learning from nature.  Teaching about nature.  Inspiring others to teach, for the benefit of all life.  We are all on the same team.